Circle Lens Review: Ellen 3Color Grey

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Circle Lens Review: Ellen 3Color Grey

Hello everyone^_^, today I have a circle lens review on the Ellen 3color lenses. this was my first ever grey lenses so I was extremely excited to try them! (NOTE: these were not sponsored)
I purchased these lenses off klenspop for $7.50.

The graphic of these lenses are really pretty but they aren't very bright.




Appearance πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›
I really like the appearance of these lenses.The design is very nice, but on my dark brown eyes they are very dark so they look more natural than bright grey lenses. I personally would have liked it more if it was brighter but none less I still really like the color. They remind me of a cat's eyes.

The lenses are 13.7mm so they aren't too big, but on me they seem to be quite large because I have small eyes. -___- I would recommend these lenses for those who want a slight enlargement.

These lenses are really comfortable despite being on the thicker side. I usually only wear these for about 5 hours and they really comfortable. I find that my eyes are quite dry after I take them off though. Another thing with these lenses is that sometimes they shift around and it make my vision blurry but other than that, they don't irritate my eyes

I really like these lenses and I wear them all the time, but personally I would have liked a lighter lens. The price was really good and I would recommend those who are new to circle lenses to browse through because their lenses are really affordable. 



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