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Hello everyone, today I'm sharing some face masks that I bought this week.
I went to The Face Shop on boxing day and there was a 40% discount. I only bought a few thought since I don't really use sheet masks that much.

I also went to pacific mall and saw that ITS SKIN had GOT7 face masks,
so I couldn't resist. (they know how to tempt kpop stans)
They had a buy 5 get 5 sale so I chose ten face masks. 

^from its skin^

^from the face shop^

In all honestly, I don't really think that sheet mask do anything for my skin other than moisturize. (maybe my skin is just so bad that nothing can help it lol) But since these were on sale, I think these were worth it. (especially the got7 ones, totally not gonna open them tho)
I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post.


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