Ann presso 1month Lens Review

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Hello everyone, today I have another circle lens review. I bought these lenses off klenspop for $9. (not sponsored) I hope you enjoy!

These are natural looking grey lenses.

These are 1 monthly lenses.

Wearing the lens on left side. 

Lenses on both eyes.

Lenses on both eyes.

Apearance 5/5
In terms of appearance, I would have to say that these are my favourite lenses of all time. They are very natural looking but you can still tell that it is a grey lens. It also has slight ash brown tones in it which helps it blend into my dark coloured eyes. I also really like the size of these lenses. I usually have trouble finding lenses that suit me because they are always too big for my eyes. They are 13.2mm in diameter.

Comfort 3/5
These lenses are have a base curve of 8.8 which I thought was strange since most lenses are 8.6. I find that these lenses don't really fit my eye shape because the longer I wear them, the more it shifts and becomes uncomfortable. These are a silicone hydrogel lens so I think it is suppose to be more comfortable, but I find it kinda annoying when it shifts around.

Price 5/5 
I think that klenspop has a lot of good deals and this is definitely one of them. These lenses have been on sale for 50% off for a while now.

Overall 4/5
I really love how these lenses look, but I won't be repurchasing them because they aren't the most comfortable which makes me kinda sad since I have a hard time finding lenses that I really love. Anyhow, I still wear these lenses really frequently nowadays so I would recommend this to those who was a really natural looking grey lens.

Thanks for reading

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