Winter Faves 2016

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Hello everyone, today I'm going to share my favourite winter makeup/skin care products because the weather is so cold and dry here. I change the products I use all the time so I will update you guys in the future. NOW FOR THE ACTUAL PRODUCTS!


NOTES ABOUT MY SKIN: I have combination skin, but in the winter time I have more dry patches that tend to flake. I also has very sensitive skin and I easily get rashes if I go out in the sun. My major skin problems are my large pores and blackheads.

So the first product is nothing special, just a lip balm for my extremely chapped lips. This is my favourite one because it's more slippery? unlike other chapticks (like eos) which I find are more waxy and balmy?(idk how to describe it)

Avene Thermal Spring Water
This a facial mist that I have been using since the summer time and I really like it even for winter.

Avene sunscreen

Although it is winter, I still use suncreen and I like this one for the cold season. I find this one to be heavier and more like a moisturizer. I use this before I apply my base makeup and it keeps my face hydrated.

Laneige snow bb cream
I got this a long time ago but never really used it because I have so many other products. I really like this one because it is really hydrating and it doesn't make my dry patches flakey looking which is a problem I have with my other base makeup. This product have a light coverage and is quite watery and moist.

kose sekkisei white bb cream moist
I got this as a gift from my aunt during a summer time and I never really used it because I was busy using powder foundation and blotting papers. I started using this one and it's really nice. Unlike other bb creams this one is more yellow toned and doesn't look grey. It is also very light and watery like the laneige one but this one has more coverage.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helped :)

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