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Hello everyone, today I'm going to do a review on the circle lens website: klenspop
I actually thought that I already made a review on this website since most of the lenses I reviewed are from there. (this review is not sponsored)

Klenspop is my favourite website to shop from when it comes to circles lenses because the shipping is super fast. It usually takes around 2 weeks. It is always well packaged. This shipping is a decent price as well. ($5.50)

Another thing that I like about this website is that it has a lot of cheap lenses to chose from and they have a lot of sales, so if you want to try wearing circle lenses I would recommend that you browse on this website because their lenses are very affordable. 

This website has a lot of different pack lens and test lens, which is what I prefer. Although these brands aren't really well known, they seem to be popular in Korea. (e.g. Clalen, Ann365)

If I were to rate this website, I would give a 4.5/5. It's really a good place to shop from.

Thanks for reading

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  1. Oh my goodness, Kerri. This is a huge lens haul I've ever seen!
    I wonder how Clalen looks like.


    1. LOL this was 2 separate purchases. I might do a review on the clalen lenses in the future.
      Thanks for reading