Circle Lens Review: LIL MOON CHOCOLATE

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Circle Lens Review: LIL MOON CHOCOLATE

HELLO EVERYONE, today I'm going to be talking about the LIL MOON 1DAY lens in CHOCOLATE ^_^. (NOTE: not sponsored)

These lenses are 14.4mm in diameter. They are a one tone lens in a light brown colour (more like a dark caramel than chocolate in my opinion).

I believe that these lenses are designed by the japanese model Rola.
Among all the designs in the lil moon collection, chocolate is the only one toned lens design.

One package comes with 10 pieces (5 pairs). I bought these a long time ago and they weren't exactly cheap.

Personally, I find that these lenses are too big for me and it creeps people out when I wear them so they aren't really my go to lenses. These also aren't really blended so there is a very clear light brown ring around my iris.

Appearance: 2/5
The design of these lenses are really plain and they don't really blend naturally into my eyes. It is a one tone lenses so they are quite obvious since they aren't well blended into your natural eyes. The diameter is also too large for me. I feel like these lenses would look better on those with larger eyes and want to lighten their iris. The good thing about these lenses are that from afar it looks very soft and hazy because there isn't a distinct limbal ring.

Comfort 4/5
These lenses are fairly comfortable but my main issue with them is that they are really hard to put in. It may be because it's too thin or the diameter is larger than what I am used to. These lenses don't really fit my eyes and I find that it shifts around a lot. The halo effect is also quite obvious when I am looking from side to side.

Enlargement 5/5
These lenses are quite enlarging on my eyes even though there isn't a dark limbal ring.

Overall 3/5
I don't really like these lenses and so I won't be repurchasing them. I still want to try the other more blended colors from this brand that have better reviews (e.g. creme beige).

Thanks for reading <3

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