Lensme Mimyo Bridge Brown [REVIEW]

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Hello everyone, once again I have another lens review. This time it is the  LensMe Mimyo Bridge Brown, which I purchased from kpop2. (This is not a sponsored review)

The colour of these lenses are actually more orange than they appear in the picture.

For comparison, this is my natural eye colour.

With the lens on.

With the lens on.


Appearance: 5/5
These are my favourite lenses and I wear them all the time. These lenses more like colour changing lenses, which is different from all the other lenses that I have tried which were circle lenses. These lenses do not enlarge your irises so it is good for those who have smaller eyes since it doesn't make you look too creepy. It lightens my eye colour but it is still very natural looking.

Comfort: 5/5
These are 6 month lenses, however they aren't too thick. I haven't had any problems with these lenses in terms of comfort. These lenses are 14.0mm in diameter, so they are quite comfortable on my eyes.

I really like these lenses and would recommend it to those who are looking for a lens that lightens their eye colour. However, these lenses do not enlarge your eyes nor do they have a defined limbal ring so if you are looking for an enlarging lens, then I would not recommend this.

Personally, I really like these lenses because I have a hard time finding lenses small enough for my eyes.


Thanks for reading!

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