[REVIEW] Clalen Iris 1day: Rhapsody

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HELLO PEOPLE!!!! Today I'm going to be review some 1 day lenses from a brand named Clalen, which is a brand that Suzy(from Miss A) endorses. The design I'm sharing today is called RHAPSODY.

These lenses have a very natural design with a thin black limbal ring which blens into a dark brown colour.

(Top) My natural eye, (bottom) the lens

A comparison between my natural eye (left) and the one with the lens (right).

As you can see from the picture above, there is a halo effect that is quite evident, but I find that it stops shifting after a few minutes.

This lens really makes my eyes look really bright and clear, which is why I really like them

These are by far one of the most comfortable lenses I have worn. When I first put them in, it felt like I wasn't wearing anything. I almost fell asleep with them on because I forgot about it.

Enlargement: 3/5
I think that these lenses have a decent enlarging effect. They are 13.3mm in graphic diameter, but they still have an enlarging effect.  It makes the eyes look brighter but it doesn't enlarge them too much. I like how they still look natural.

I like how they look. They are really natural looking but it still makes your eyes pop by making it look clearer. The limbal ring on this design is very thin, so it doesn't look as harsh as other lenses I have tried. I find that there is no halo effect after the lenses get adjusted to my eyes. In terms of colour, these brown lenses are more on the ashy side (more cool tone) when compared to my natural eye colour.

Overall: 5/5
I really like these lenses, mainly because they are really comfortable and I can wear them for long periods of time without them irritating my eyes.

Thanks for reading!

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