Avance Joli et Joli et Eyebrow Mascara [REVIEW]

by - 14:50

Hello everyone, today's post is about an eyebrow mascara from the Japanese brand Avance. This product comes in two colours: Natural Brown and Ash Brown
The one I have is in Ash brown.

The applicator for this product is really nice. It is thin and so it doesn't get product around my eyebrow when I use it.

As you can see from the picture, the colour is really light and is not orange like other eyebrow mascaras that are light. I would really recommend this for those who lighten their hair and don't want to bleach their eyebrows.

(without product)

As you can see above, I have pretty dark and thick eyebrows(which is something I hate) and so I like to use eyebrow gel that are light to lighten the colour of my brows, even though I have black hair.

(with product)
I tend to only use this in the front part of my eyebrow, to make it look softer.

I personally really like this product. It has really nice pigment and it was able to cover up my dark eyebrows without making then orange.


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