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Hello everybody ^_________^ today I'm going to be sharing with you guys some things I bought from Yesstyle. This was this first time that I had used this website, but I have heard of it many times before. (note this is not sponsored)

I bought 3 baseball caps which are embroided with the heart sign. These were on sale for around $6 so they were pretty cheap.
The all fit to my head pretty well.

 Although they are all one size, the white cap was a bit wider than the other two. It isn't a problem though because they are all adjustable.

 I also bought a pink bomber jacket (the one from the pictures) and was told from other reviews that it was going to be quite thin and so this would be a good jacket for spring time. I also noticed that the colour is brighter than how I thought it was going to be.

 The last thing that I bought was a mirror phone case and I am really like it because I cad easily check if my makeup smudges so it is really useful.

Thanks for reading

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