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Hello everyone, today I have a review on the Laneige bb cushion that I mentioned in a previous post. Hope you guys enjoy it. (note: this was not sponsored)

I have the shade 21, which is usually the shade I use in most Korean base makeup. (most brands have at least 3 shades: no. 13, 21 and 23)

The air puff from this cushion is really thick and is really nice. It is very dough-like? which I really like because it's denser and less porous. 

 (Laneige is on the left)

(Laneige is on the left)
In terms of colour, I think that the laneige cushion is deeper and more yellow than the other cushions that I have. The good thing is that the Laneige bb cushion range comes in many different shades and skin tones unlike other brands. The No.21 from this brand is more yellow than the shade 21 from brands that only carry 3 shades. (e.g. Missha) If you are interested in trying a bb cushion but have trouble finding the right colour, I'd recommend that you check out Laneige.

For the coverage, I would say that this is a medium coverage. The finish is semi-matte and it looks quite natural on the skin. Because of this finish, sometimes it looks cakey over dry areas, but my skin itself feels hydrated. This cushion isn't luminous so I think it would be good for those who want to avoid shiny looking foundations, but don't want a foundations that's too matte.

Overall, I am enjoying this cushion and I really hope that you guys enjoyed this review.

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