Bunny 3Color Gray Review

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Hello reader! Today I have another circle lens review. It is the Bunny 3Color Grey lenses.

These are quite natural grey lenses because they are quite dark and you can't really see the colors brightly unless you under sunlight.

(plz excuse the orange concealer around my eyebrows -____________-)

As you can see from the picture, these lenses have many different colors in them so they aren't just 1 tone lenses. Looking closely, you can see brown, green and some flecks of blue. HOWEVER it is not very noticeable in person, so they are very natural looking.

Appearance: 4.5/5
I personally love these lenses because they have really pretty colours and they aren't too unnatural.

Enlargement: --
These lenses don't really have an enlarging effect. They are 13.3mm in graphic diameter and are about the same size as my natural iris. They also don't have a dark limbal ring like the Ellen 3Color Grey that I reviewed a while ago. I still like these lenses though because I have a hard time finding lenses that fit my eyes. (they are usually too large.)

Comfort: 4.5/5
These lenses are comfortable and they don't block my vision like the Ellen 3color Gray lenses. 

Overall: 4.5/5
I really like these lenses and they were really affordable. I bought them off klenspop. I would recommend these lenses to those who want a  grey color lens that is natural looking.

Thanks for reading

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